Snippets and Reviews

This photo is a nod and a clue to my first novel. It is called “Grandma’s Attic“. This is my Grandmother’s house and you can see the attic windows. Much of the inspiration for this novel came from my own background and experiences.



“Highly emotive and so well researched…a must read for fans of Historical Fiction.”

– Hayley Paige


“Fresh storyline!  If  you think you’ve heard it all from every angle of WWII, you will be delighted by this new twist in a familiar backdrop.  A compelling story that draws you in and doesn’t let go. Shane Dietrich has a way of making you feel like these characters are your own family and you are right there with them through every emotional up and down.  Vivid imagery and heart-wrenching details of battles makes “Grandma’s Attic” hard to put down!”

– Jane Danner


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Not only was it very educational, it was also enjoyable.  I learned so much about Nazi Germany and the Hitler Regime.  So many things I took for granted.  My heart went out to Michael when he was held accountable for the actions of another.  Along with a wonderful history lesson, we also saw how mankind helps us forgive one another.  Great job on recreating the war scenes.  I felt as though I was standing alongside the soldiers on the battlefield.”

– Kris Brummund