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Here we are already in 2022!  Covid put a downright stop to any opportunities to get out and promote “Grandma’s Attic”. But last year, we were able to do a book signing/reading at the Veteran’s Home in Hastings, MN. It was a joy and an honor to talk to those men who so related to the book because they were there! They were able to essentially verify the facts in the book and validity of the story. It was so great to see them loving this book!

Because of Covid, and admittedly some other more positive things, like new hobbies, time to write and let’s face it, the motivation to write, has been quite hard to come by. Until about a month ago. I had a dream and it set off a story in my head, nudging me to write it and expand it. So I have! A bit different genre than the last book, but still in the military backdrop. My last book took over a year to write and even more to edit and get it published, so I can’t say it’s in sight yet, but it sure feels really good to be writing again. I realize how much writing is a part of me, and I can’t wait to share my next “baby” with you when the time comes!

Thank you all for your continuing support!


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